Joseph and God’s Plan (Genesis 45:1-15, 50:19-21) Children’s Sermon Lesson for Kids

Many times in our lives, things happen that are difficult to understand. We might face difficulties or uncertainties and wonder what God’s plan is, or why He would allow us to suffer. The story of Joseph is a great reminder that God is always with us and has a plan that will bless us. We can trust that He is at work and will provide. Even confusing and troubling situations can be a gift when we know that He works for our good.  God gives us what we need. He loves each and every one of us, and He has a special plan for every step of our lives! It can be frustrating when we don’t know what is up ahead, but we rest knowing that God holds the future. We might go through hard things, but they work together for God’s purposes. Most importantly, we know that God has given us Jesus, who provides Eternal Life and salvation. Even if things don’t work out as we might want now, a Heavenly home awaits us someday! Passage: Genesis 45:1-15 and 50:19-21 (also using references to Genesis 37 and 38-44) Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade Materials Needed: Construction paper; decorative supplies; glue; markers or crayons; tape; scissors; cotton; stickers; gift packages and boxes; jigsaw puzzles; Bibles.

“Children’s Sermon Lesson: Joseph and God’s Plans (Genesis 45:1-15, 50:19-21)”: The video is a heartfelt message addressing the children of God, offering them a special treat and a lesson about understanding God’s plans in our lives.

  1. A Bag and a Box: The speaker starts by talking about having a bag and a box inside the bag, opening them to reveal treats. This metaphor leads to the idea that sometimes it takes time to understand the meaning of things or why certain events happen.
  2. God’s Plan: The video assures that even though we may face difficult challenges or unknown circumstances, God always has a plan, and His plans are good. It emphasizes the comforting thought that God is always with us, even in confusing or crazy situations.
  3. The Story of Joseph: The lesson relates to the story of Joseph from the Bible, who was disliked by his brothers and sold into slavery. Despite his hardships, Joseph rose to power in Egypt and saved his family from famine. His brothers were surprised, but Joseph forgave them, showing that everything was part of God’s plan.
  4. Trust in God: The video encourages viewers to trust in God’s plan and remember that He is near and loves them. It invites them to explore the Bible, assuring that God loves us and that there will be brighter days and new beginnings.
  5. Prayer and Gratitude: It suggests saying a prayer and thanking God for His plans for our lives, even when we don’t understand what is happening.
  6. Conclusion: The video ends with a reminder that God has a plan for everyone and encourages readers to go and make disciples.

The video is part of the children’s ministry and includes Sunday School lessons, kids’ ministry, children’s sermons, and Bible crafts related to Joseph and God’s plans. It’s a beautiful lesson that teaches children to trust in God’s wisdom and love, even in the face of uncertainty. 🙏💖 You can find more details and explore this inspiring lesson by watching the video or visiting the Sunday School store. Keep trusting in God’s plan! 🎓 Easy to Teach 💸 Budget-Friendly 🧲 Guaranteed to Keep Attention.

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