Craft Ideas: Jesus and Peter Walk on Water

The story of Jesus walking on water is a reminder that we, as humans, cannot achieve such a feat on our own. The story of Peter being saved by Jesus from the waves emphasizes the fact that we can always count on Jesus to lift us out of our fears and worries. To celebrate this story and remind children to look to Christ, we have created two craft ideas. The first one is a “Floatable Boat” with a fun nautical theme, while the second one is a “Rise Above the Waves Sign” that highlights how Jesus helps us during tough times. Let’s get creative and make these crafts!

Here’s a summary of the video titled “Craft Ideas: Walking on Water Matthew 14:22-33”: The video presents creative craft ideas related to the biblical story of Peter and Jesus walking on water. These crafts are designed to remind children to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and find strength and faith in Him during difficult times. Here’s what the video covers:

  1. Paper Plate Craft with Cross and Waves:
  • Create a paper plate with a cross in the center surrounded by waves.
  • Write something on each wave that could be hard or scary to deal with, symbolizing Jesus being with us through difficult times.
  • Add a caption at the top or bottom of the paper, focusing on Christ.
  1. Little Boat Craft:
  • Make a sailboat out of a cup by cutting it in half and securing it back together.
  • Add a sail by poking a hole in the cup and attaching a straw.
  • Decorate it to look like a boat, and use aluminum foil to make it float (though it may not work, it’s still fun!).
  1. Foil Boat Craft:
  • Create a boat out of foil, securing the sides and adding decorations like clothespins or ping pong balls.
  • Draw faces on them and use ping pong balls to make the boat float or put it on floating paper.
  • Decorate the paper to remember the story.
  1. Wavy Boat Science Experiment:
  • Experiment with making a wavy boat using different materials like ping pong balls, boxes, or cardboard.
  • Test if the boat will float and communicate biblical truths through the craft.
  1. Conclusion:
  • The video ends with a mention of Jesus being with us through life’s storms and waves, emphasizing the importance of making disciples.

These crafts celebrate the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter’s faith in Him. They serve as a fun and engaging way to teach children about faith, trust, and the power of Jesus in our lives. 🌊⛵✝️ You can find more details and get crafty by watching the video or visiting the Sunday School works and Sunday School store. Happy crafting! 🎓 Easy to Teach 💸 Budget-Friendly 🧲 Guaranteed to Keep Attention.

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