Craft Ideas: Jesus Feeds 5000 from Matthew 14:13-21

The account of Jesus feeding the masses is a remarkable miracle and a beautiful testament to our ability to trust and depend on God to provide for our needs. When we give Him everything we have, incredible things can happen! These craft ideas honor the story and its teachings. The “Growing Fish Line” paper chain commemorates how Jesus made a small meal feed many. The “Loaves and Fish Tithe Box” combines story elements with student offerings.

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Jesus Feeds the Multitude: Creative Crafts for Children

The remarkable story of Jesus feeding the five thousand is not just a miracle but a lesson in trust, faith, and creativity. This video presents engaging crafts that celebrate this story, allowing children to explore their artistic side while connecting with the biblical narrative.

1. Loaves and Fish Tithe Box:

  • Objective: Create a box or basket to serve as an offering bank.
  • Instructions: Decorate and reinforce the box, and personalize it with a name like “Kristin’s offering.”

2. Fish and Bread-Shaped Paper Cutouts:

  • Objective: Craft fish and bread shapes to symbolize the five loaves and two fish.
  • Instructions: Use brown or burgundy paper for the loaves and fold paper to create fish shapes. Emphasize that color and appearance are flexible, and cutouts can be taped to the sides or placed in a container.

3. Growing Fish Line Paper Chain:

  • Objective: Create chains of fish and bread, possibly as a stream of consciousness or artistic expression.
  • Instructions: Fold paper and draw fish, experimenting with simple folding techniques. Add decorative features like scales and fins.

4. Fish Plate Background Story:

  • Objective: String fish along a plate and use it as a background for storytelling.
  • Instructions: Add bread and loaves using yellow and red colors. Attach a magnet or hanger to hang the plate, or use a paper bag. Glue fish and bread to the plate, turning it into a necklace or another activity.

5. Encouragement to Be Creative:

  • Objective: Have fun and be creative with the theme of feeding the five thousand.
  • Instructions: Roll with it, fish with it, and make it your own. Invite readers to come back for more craft and message ideas.


The video “Crafts: Jesus Feeds the Multitude Matthew 14:13-21” is a delightful guide to crafting with a spiritual twist. It encourages children to explore their creativity while reflecting on the story of Jesus feeding the multitude. These crafts are more than just fun activities; they are a way to celebrate and remember the story of Jesus, instilling faith and trust in God’s provision. Whether you’re a Sunday School teacher, a parent, or simply someone looking to engage children in meaningful activities, these crafts are sure to inspire. Let’s get crafty and make disciples! 🎨🍞🐟 For more lessons, crafts, and children’s sermons, you can visit Sunday School Plus or explore the Sunday School store. 🎓 Easy to Teach 💸 Budget-Friendly 🧲 Guaranteed to Keep Attention.

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