“The Ascension: How to Explain it to Your Kids”

Explaining the Ascension to your kids can be a tricky task, but it’s also a fun opportunity to teach them about one of the most important moments in Christian history. Here are some tips to help you make this topic easy to understand and exciting for your little ones.

“The Ascension of Jesus Christ: A Story for Children”

The Ascension of Jesus Christ is a wondrous tale that children will surely adore! Imagine seeing Jesus rise up towards the sky, leaving his disciples in awe. It’s a story that reminds us of the incredible power and love of God. Join us as we explore this magical moment in history!

“Nurturing the Faith of 6-12-Year-Olds: The Impact of a Well-Crafted Sunday School Program”

As parents, we all want our children to grow up with strong faith and values. A well-crafted Sunday School program can make all the difference in nurturing the faith of 6-12-year-olds. With engaging lessons, fun activities, and a supportive community, children can develop a deep and lasting relationship with God. So let’s celebrate the impact of Sunday School and invest in our children’s spiritual growth!

New Sunday School Curriculum: Our Bible lessons are designed to keep the kids’ attention and show how God's Word makes a difference. Every series is flexible enough for a wide-age group and affordable enough for small churches. Download a free Bible lesson in pdf or view our latest Sunday School curriculum for kids.

Why Sunday school is so important?

There are many reasons children need to attend Sunday School. One of the most important is religious education. Children learn about Bible stories and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This helps them develop a strong religious foundation that will stay with them throughout their lives. Another reason is the relationship with Jesus Christ that children can form in Sunday School. They learn to trust Him as their personal savior and can rely on Him for guidance throughout their lives. Finally, attending Sunday School connects children with the church. They make friends with other children who share their faith, and they get to know church leaders and members better. This strengthens the church community and helps children feel more connected to it.

What are the qualities of a good Sunday School teacher?

A good Sunday School teacher is devoted to Jesus Christ, has a strong knowledge of the Bible as God's Word, is patient with their students, and has excellent teaching skills. Training children's ministry leaders for teaching kids about God is a priority. There is no substitute for scripture knowledge when adults teach a group of children. Christian education is more than religious instruction. It's about sharing God's love with young people. Jesus loves kids and church based Sunday Schools are a wonderful place for all ages children to become disciples of Christ Jesus. A good Sunday School teacher should be able to share their love for Jesus with their students and help them grow in their knowledge of the Bible. They should also be patient with their students and be willing to answer any questions they may have. Finally, a good Sunday School teacher should have excellent teaching skills and be able to communicate biblical truths in an interesting and engaging way.

Where can you find lessons for your Sunday School classes?

Every Sunday school system needs excellent Bible curriculum for teaching. We recommend the Sunday School Store to teachers, especially in smaller churches. They offer free PDF resources for teaching God's Word to every child. You can eventually download those resources for parents to continue the Christian education process in their daily lives. What makes a good Sunday School lesson? A good Sunday School lesson should keep kids' attention, deepen their Bible knowledge and help grow their faith in Jesus. One way to keep kids' attention is to make the lessons interactive. For example, the Sunday School teacher can have kids work in pairs or small groups to answer questions or complete tasks. You can also use props, games, videos and other activities to help illustrate the lesson. To deepen kids' Bible knowledge, you can focus on one specific topic each week. For example, you might explore a different book of the Bible each week. Or you could discuss key Bible passages and what they mean for us today. Finally, a good Sunday School lesson should help kids grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.