Sunday School Lessons for Kids

Find your next Sunday School Lesson. This page lists our free Bible studies for Sunday School. Every week we find the very best teaching material on the internet to share with our readers. Our prayer is that these simple Sunday School lessons will plant the seeds for many children, preschoolers, and youth to know the love of God.

New PDF Lesson Plans for Sunday School

Jesus Prays for Us (John 17) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
In John 17, we read the prayers that Jesus offered for his disciples and for all people who would believe in him. That means that Jesus prayed for us! Teach this powerful truth to children using the following Sunday School lessons, Bible crafts, and teaching activities. Jesus has given us all that we need, including a method through which we can communicate with Him! He gives us demonstrated examples of how to pray, and He …
Love One Another (John 15:9-17) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
This week's lesson continues the events in John 15. Jesus is explaining to his disciples how they are to carry his love and bear fruit through their ministry. In this passage, children will learn that Jesus commands love in action, which is what he demonstrated for us. In this message, children will learn the comforting truth that Jesus calls them His friends! While earthly relationships can sometimes disappoint us, Jesus is a true friend that …
The Vine and the Branches (John 15:1-8) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Kids need to stay connected and rooted in Christ. Use these lesson plans and activities in your ministry this Sunday. We've included teaching plans, crafts, coloring pages, and suggested videos for worship. Use these free Sunday School lesson to explains that we need to remain constantly connected to Christ. As a branch needs to be connected to the main part of the plant in order to live, we need to be “attached” to the Lord. …
Jesus Predicts His Own Death (John 12:20-33) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
As we get closer to Easter, we're following along the final weeks of Jesus' ministry on Earth. During His time on Earth, Jesus provided people with many intriguing analogies and explanations regarding who He was and why He came. Some of these can be challenging for young children to understand, but they can also be helpful to describe as we seek to go deeper into the life and significance of Christ. He was much more …
For God So Loved the World (John 3:14-21) Sunday School Lessons and Activities
These lessons continue what Jesus said to Nicodemus. They contain the most often quoted verse in the Bible. Nothing is more important for kids to know than the love of God. This passage gives us the Gospel in a nutshell. The law condemns and confuses us, and when we focus on the tiny details of rules or regulations, we miss the big picture of Jesus and His love. People in His time (and in ours) …
Jesus Clears the Temple (John 2:13-22) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
When Jesus appears at the Temple in John 2, he claims his authority to those using the worship of God to enrich themselves at the expense of the pious. The story of the temple cleansing can be a fun and fascinating one to share with children. Certainly, it reminds us that Jesus was not merely a meek flannel-graph image, but He was willing to take a stand when necessary to preserve the integrity of His …
Jesus Foretells His Suffering (Mark 8:31-38) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
This passage marks a turning point in the Gospel narratives where Jesus begins to share with his disciples what he will suffer when they come to Jerusalem. It's a powerful reminder that the crucifixion was no surprise or accident. It was God's plan to atone for the sin of humankind and make salvation possible for all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. We are following Mark 8:31-38, but this passage is very similar in …
The Temptation of Jesus (Mark 1:9-15) Sunday School Lessons for Kids
The accounts of Jesus in the wilderness are a source of help for any believer struggling with temptation. Moreover, this conflict with the devil shows that Christ will never repeat the failings of Adam. These lessons and crafts follow Mark 1:9-15. We have another set of lessons for the Matthew 4 temptation accounts. There are several options for this week’s lesson, use the links below to download them directly. This is also the first Sunday …
Jesus Heals (Mark 1:29-39) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
As Jesus began his ministry, he proved there was power behind his words with a flurry of miracles. He healed the sick, cast out demons, and preached the news about God's Kingdom. Use these PDF Sunday School Lessons to help kids understand those powerful events. Unfortunately, hurt and sickness are all around us. Children in a post-pandemic world are especially aware of the impact illness can have, and might curiously contemplate what healing means. In …
The Authority of Jesus (Mark 1:21-28) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
This simple lesson seeks to remind children that we can hope and trust in Jesus. We listen to His teachings through prayer and Scripture, and recognize that He has power and authority in our lives. We take comfort in knowing that Christ has control over all things. Children are used to taking instruction and following directions from others. But what does it mean to recognize and obey authority? And what kinds of people are reliable …
Jesus Says Follow Me (Mark 1:14-20) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
These lesson plans follow along with the beginning of Jesus ministry and calling his first disciples in Mark 1:14-20. Use them to teach children about the meaning of discipleship and the call to follow Jesus. The lesson plans, crafts, and teaching ideas below are direct download PDF files. Use them in your children's church or Sunday School when teaching from this passage. Jesus called His disciples, drawing to Himself followers who would help Him in …
Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael (John 1:43-51) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
As Jesus launched his public ministry, he began to gather a group of disciples to learn from him and eventually share the good news with the world. This lesson is focused on John 1:43-51 where Jesus calls Phillip and Nathanael. It is never too early to share with children that they have purpose and value in God’s eyes. Each and every individual is known by Him and chosen for special and specific purpose. This message …
John Baptizes Jesus (Mark 1:4-11) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
When Jesus accepted baptism it was an example to us and the beginning of his public ministry. He was leaving starting the road of obedience that would lead to the cross. That's why God spoke from Heaven to announce, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” This week's lessons are based on the passage in Mark which details the baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan River. The links below are …
Simeon and Anna Rejoice to see the Savior (Luke 2:22-40) Sunday School Lesson
These lessons use the “post-Christmas blues” let-down as an example of how we sometimes wait for things and wind up disheartened. However, we know that waiting for God is always worth it, because He keeps His promises. The Gospel lesson that ties in is the story of Anna and Simeon in the temple. They waited for Jesus, and saw that the Lord fulfilled His word. Simeon and Anna spent their lives awaiting the coming Messiah. …
Angel Foretells Jesus Birth to Mary (Luke 1:26-38) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
What does it mean to obey? To believe? In this children's message, children will hear how God can do the impossible, and how He can do amazing things in our lives if we trust Him. The story focuses on the angel who announced to Mary that she would bear God's Son. Mary believed that this was possible, and God's promises came true through her! Mary submitted to God and obeyed Him, just by saying "yes." …

Find a Lesson for this Sunday

We are here every week to help you plan your Children’s Bible study for Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Here are some recommended websites to get free lesson plans.

Sunday School Lessons for Kids

42 lesson curriculum series for Sunday School on the character and attributes of God.

This amazing resource from Ministry To Children will set the foundation for how kids understand and relate to God. It’s more than just Sunday School lessons, it’s basic training in knowing God.

One of the most important tasks of anyone in charge of children’s ministry is that of deciding what to teach the children under your care. In my years as a children’s ministry director it was one task that I took very seriously. There were so many things I wanted the children in our church to know, but as I listed them out, they all boiled down to the gospel: who is God?, who is man? and what did Jesus do? With these three simple questions and guidelines in mind I started forming our children’s materials.

Sunday School Lessons on the Days of Creation

Complete Bible Lessons Curriculum on How God Made the World

There is no better place to start than the beginning! This series of Sunday School lessons will help children learn and appreciate how God made the world to show his power, creativity, and love. This series includes coloring pages, complete lesson plans, and all the bonus ideas you need to help children understand the Scriptures!

Free Sunday School Curriculum for Your Next Lesson

Thousands of free lesson plans and teaching activities for kids Sunday School

Our sister website Ministry-To-Children has been around since 2007. They have lessons, printables, crafts, and coloring pages for almost every story in the Bible. It’s all offered free of charge to encourage your ministry and help more kids learn about God and salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s everything you need to boost the Religious education for children offered in your Church’s Bible Study.

Kids Sunday School Lessons on the Ten Commandments

Sunday School Lessons on God’s Law

The ten commandments are the foundation for right living. God gave us this law to help us navigate life and know when we are going off in a dangerous direction. It’s also the basis for learning our own sinfulness and great need of the Savior Jesus Christ. Each lesson in this bible study will help your kids discover God’s Will and their need for Jesus.

Preschool Sunday School Lessons

Use these simplified Bible studs when teaching younger children age 3-6 years old. Each of the following Sunday School lessons has complete teacher notes and learning activities for your classroom.

Kids Object Lesson Plans for Sunday School

Simple object based illustrations are a great way to structure your teaching. Any of these messages would make easy Sunday School lessons and give you the flexibility to use other learning activities as needed. Whatever you choose for your ministry curriculum, make sure it points back to the love of God as show through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School Coloring Pages for Kids

The classic line-art coloring sheet still has a place in modern Sunday School lessons. Many teachers like to offer these printables as an early arrival activity for children. They can also be a helpful way to focus class attention during a review of the lesson through conversation.

Don’t miss the new BIBLE Heroes coloring pages from Minsitry-To-Children. These free resources can be a blessing to any lesson or curriculum for Sunday School.

Hannah | “Samuel Hears God’s Calling” | Ruth | David | Deborah | Moses

Crafts for Kids Lesson in Sunday School

Not all Sunday School lessons require a craft, but many children will benefit from processing the Bible story through a different learning style. Making artists is not the goal, but hands on ministry time can help introduce kids to God and salvation through Jesus Christ.

More Free Lesson Resources for teaching Sunday School

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