Free Sunday School Lessons and Activities for Kids

Find this week’s Sunday School Lesson. This page lists our free Bible studies for Sunday School. Every week we find the very best teaching material on the internet to share with our readers. Our prayer is that these simple Sunday School lessons will plant the seeds for many children, preschoolers, and youth to know the love of God.

Weekly PDF Lesson Plans for Sunday School

Sunday School lesson this Week

Summertime Lessons and Activities for Children’s Ministry
The Summer months present some challenge for kids church and Sunday School teachers. That's why we recommend tailoring your children's ministry lessons for this time of year. Here are our top picks to help you get started, don't miss all the Summer Sunday School curriculum ideas from As the summer break from school looms, parents across the country are scrambling to find ways to keep their kids entertained. However, summertime doesn't have to be …
Peter and Cornelius (Acts 10) Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids
The Good News is for Everyone! Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids based on the Bible Story of Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10:1-33 Bible Lesson Summary: This lesson focuses on Peter’s revelation that the Gospel was meant for all people, not just the Jews. In this day and age, of course, kids might not encounter “unclean meat” or questions about Jewish tradition. But this story provides a great way to emphasize the Gospel. …
Heaven Sunday School Lesson and Activities from Revelation 21:1-7
Download our free 30-minute Sunday School lesson on Heaven to teach children the hope of eternal life found in Jesus Christ. These scriptures are from Revelation 21:1-7 where the new heavens and new earth are described. Download the PDF lesson plans, teaching activities, crafts, worksheets, and coloring pages below. Lesson Summary: Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end of all things. He promises that one day He will take all things and make them …
Children’s Ministry Bible Lesson for Kids on the Good Shepherd from John 10:1-18 and Psalm 23
The Sheep Know Jesus’ Voice: This kids Bible lesson reminds students that God is our “shepherd”, who cares for us and provides us with all that we need. He knows us inside and out and wants us to be safe and secure. We can take comfort in trusting that Jesus is our protector and guide, and will be with us always. God will never abandon us, Jesus is watching over his sheep. This 30 minute PDF …
Dorcas / Tabitha Raised by Peter (Acts 9:36-43) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Use this free kids Bible lesson in your Sunday School to teach children how Peter raised Tabitha Dorcas from the dead back to life in Acts 9:36-43. This teaching shows the Holy Spirit was confirming the power of Jesus Christ resurrection and power in the life of the Early Christian Church. Download the lesson plans, children's sermons, and craft activities below as you prepare to teach. The Bible story about Tabitha is perfect for kids …
Jesus Restores Peter (John 21:1-19) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Feed My Lambs: Jesus Gives Peter a Second Chance. Use this free Sunday School Lesson and Activities in your children's ministry or kids church when teaching about Jesus Restoring Peter from John 21:1-19. Download 30-minute PDF Bible lesson below and watch the supplemental Bible story videos with your class. Bible Lesson focus: This lesson encourages children with the hopeful reminder that Jesus promises second chances when we make mistakes.  God can use our mistakes and …
The Last Supper Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids Church
The Last Supper is an important event in the life of Jesus Christ where he shared a final meal with his disciples before his arrest. The bread and wine point to the body and blood of Christ to be sacrificed for our salvation on the cross. As believers, we remember this event in the Lord's Supper and Holy Communion. Use these free Sunday School lessons, craft ideas, and coloring pages to help children learn the …
Mary Anoints Jesus: John 12:1-8 Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids
Use these free Kids Bible Activities and Sunday School Lessons from John 12:1–8 to teach kids about how Mary anointed Jesus. This priceless gift shows us how we can be more dedicated to our savior Jesus Christ. If pouring perfume on someone’s feet sounds strange, wiping it up with hair probably seems even more odd. However, the story of this action by Mary reminds us of some beautiful elements. We see the foreshadowing of Christ’s …
The Parable of the Prodigal Son: Sunday School Lesson and Activities on the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:1-3; 11-32
The God of Lost Things… Sunday School Lesson: The meaning of the Parable of the Prodigal Son for kids. Use our free printable Sunday School lesson and activates to teach the parable of the prodigal son for kids. The links below are to direct download PDF lessons. Please copy, print, and share anywhere it would bless the children and families in your church. Lesson: The Prodigal SonDownload Children's Sermon: Prodigal SonDownload Crafts: The Prodigal SonDownload …
God’s Protection Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids
God's protection is a vital Sunday School lesson that every child should learn. Our free pdf teaching resource below include engaging activities, crafts, bible stories, and object lessons that will teach your kids about the power of God's protection. Plus, they can enjoy fun coloring pages to reinforce the lesson. Use the free PDF lesson below to help kids grow in their faith that GOD is their protection in times of trouble. Scroll down to …
God’s Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
The Lord's promise to Abram in Genesis 15 is a turning point in scripture. This is the Bible passage where God says the descendants of Abraham will be as numerous as the starts in the sky. What a powerful object lesson on faith from God himself! Use these lesson plans and teaching activities in your Sunday School or Children's Church ministry. Lesson: God's Promise to AbrahamDownload Lesson: God Keeps His PromisesDownload Children's Sermon LessonDownload Crafts …
Jesus Transfigured (Luke 9:28-36) Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids
Use this free Jesus transfigured Sunday School lesson for children to teach on the Transfiguration of Jesus from Luke 9:28-36. Download the pdf Bible lessons below and watch our teaching demonstrations to get you started. Don't forget the Jesus Transfiguration Bible crafts for your Sunday School class. More topics for this Sunday school lesson for kids bible lesson bible lessons bible's christ christ's christ's transfiguration church church school education jesus jesus bible jesus bible lessons …
The Golden Rule (Luke 6:27-38) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
When Jesus taught us to "Do unto others" he set the golden rule for relating to one another in love. Use these free Golden Rule Sunday School lessons and Bible craft ideas to share this powerful message with the children in your kids church ministry. Use these free Sunday School lesson ideas and activities to teach kids about the Golden Rule. The links below are to direct download PDF documents. Please share them anywhere you …
Trees Planted by Living Water (Psalm 1; Jeremiah 17:5-10) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Use these free lesson plans and teaching activities in your Sunday School class and children's ministry on the topic of "Trees planted by living water" from Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17:5-10. What does it mean to bear spiritual fruit? Scripture is full of plant images, often connecting our Christian lives with principles of agriculture. Many Biblical references describe trees, encouraging us to be “well-planted” in the Lord and “watered” by His grace. Here, we look …
Christ is Risen (1 Corinthians 15:1-11) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
We have the wonderful promise of salvation through Christ alone. However, what can convince us of the truth of this? Scripture reminds us that Jesus is not just another story or legend. We have the hope of knowing that the Bible is the true and reliable Word of God. The Gospel good news we have assures us that Jesus truly lived, died, and rose again, which provides us with peace and joy that can only …
“Gods Calling” Jeremiah 1:4-10 Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Children sometimes develop a mindset that they are in a “waiting room” of sorts. “Young people are the future of the church,” some say…but do we fail to recognize that young people are the church of today? The story of Jeremiah reminds us that God can use anyone at any age. Kids don’t need to sit around and hope for eventual faith. This lesson aims to help them recognize that God has a plan for them both …
Jesus’ Miracle, Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Jesus' miracles inspire faith and verify his identity as the Son of God. They are way more than party tricks, but his "water into wine" in John 2:1-11 still has people talking. At the wedding at Cana, Jesus revealed his true divine nature while saving the host's reputation.  We should notice that our Lord cares about all things, even our own human enjoyment of life. We also recognize that Jesus continues to work miracles in …
New Year, New Life in Christ (John 1:10-18) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
For kids, a new year might not mean much more than having a new date to write down or purchasing a new wall calendar. However, a new year is a great time to explore some important Biblical truths. As we see people making New Year’s resolutions to improve themselves, we recognize that on our own power, we can do nothing. Only through Christ can true change take place from the inside out. God welcomes us …
Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52) Sunday School Lesson and Activities
Very little is known of the childhood of Jesus. This story, our glimpse into the life of twelve-year-old Jesus, is significant for what it verifies about Christ. The passage is also a helpful reminder that we should grow in multiple ways, and that we should always respect and obey parents as well as God. It’s a great opportunity to focus on keeping God central in all things, and not forgetting His presence. Lesson: Don't Miss …
Mary Visits Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-55) Sunday School Lesson and Teaching Activities
These lesson ideas follow the visit of Mary and Elizabeth where God's Spirit confirms his promise and we find the powerful examples of spirit-filled praise. “Praise God!” There are many ways that we can glorify God in all that we do and with all of who we are. Children should be encouraged that worship is more than just songs in church. Our Heavenly Father blesses us with various gifts, and we can use all of …

Find Printable 30 minute Lesson for this Sunday this Week

We are here every week to help you plan your Children’s Bible study for Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Here are some recommended websites to get free lesson plans.

Sunday School Lessons for Kids

42 lesson curriculum series for Sunday School on the character and attributes of God.

This amazing resource from Ministry To Children will set the foundation for how kids understand and relate to God. It’s more than just Sunday School lessons, it’s basic training in knowing God.

One of the most important tasks of anyone in charge of children’s ministry is that of deciding what to teach the children under your care. In my years as a children’s ministry director it was one task that I took very seriously. There were so many things I wanted the children in our church to know, but as I listed them out, they all boiled down to the gospel: who is God?, who is man? and what did Jesus do? With these three simple questions and guidelines in mind I started forming our children’s materials.

Sunday School Lessons on the Days of Creation

Complete Bible Lessons Curriculum on How God Made the World

  • free sunday school lessons for 3-5 year olds pdf
  • sunday school lessons for 9-12 year olds
  • sunday school lessons for 10 to 13 year olds pdf

There is no better place to start than the beginning! This series of Sunday School lessons will help children learn and appreciate how God made the world to show his power, creativity, and love. This series includes coloring pages, complete lesson plans, and all the bonus ideas you need to help children understand the Scriptures!

Free Sunday School Curriculum for Your Next Lesson

Thousands of free lesson plans and teaching activities for kids Sunday School

Our sister website Ministry-To-Children has been around since 2007. They have lessons, printables, crafts, and coloring pages for almost every story in the Bible. It’s all offered free of charge to encourage your ministry and help more kids learn about God and salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s everything you need to boost the Religious education for children offered in your Church’s Bible Study.

Kids Sunday School Lessons on the Ten Commandments

Sunday School Lessons on God’s Law for Kids

The ten commandments are the foundation for right living. God gave us this law to help us navigate life and know when we are going off in a dangerous direction. It’s also the basis for learning our own sinfulness and great need of the Savior Jesus Christ. Each lesson in this bible study will help your kids discover God’s Will and their need for Jesus.

Preschool Sunday School Lessons for ages 3-5 year olds

Use these simplified Bible studs when teaching younger children age 3-6 years old. Each of the following Sunday School lessons has complete teacher notes and learning activities for your classroom.

Kids Bible Object Lesson Plans for Sunday School Teachers

Simple object based illustrations are a great way to structure your teaching. Any of these messages would make easy Sunday School lessons and give you the flexibility to use other learning activities as needed. Whatever you choose for your ministry curriculum, make sure it points back to the love of God as show through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School Coloring Pages for Kids with Christian Bible Story topics

The classic line-art coloring sheet still has a place in modern Sunday School lessons. Many teachers like to offer these printables as an early arrival activity for children. They can also be a helpful way to focus class attention during a review of the lesson through conversation.

Don’t miss the new BIBLE Heroes coloring pages from Minsitry-To-Children. These free resources can be a blessing to any lesson or curriculum for Sunday School.

Hannah | “Samuel Hears God’s Calling” | Ruth | David | Deborah | Moses

Bible Crafts for Kids Lesson in Sunday School

Not all Sunday School lessons require a craft, but many children will benefit from processing the Bible story through a different learning style. Making artists is not the goal, but hands on ministry time can help introduce kids to God and salvation through Jesus Christ.

More Free Lesson Resources for teaching Sunday School for ages 9-12 year olds

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