25 Word-For-Word Bible Verse Seek & Find Activity Sheets

Discover the Joy of Scripture with Our Free 25 Bible Verse Word Search Puzzles!

We’re excited about the new Bible Word Search Puzzles from the Sunday School Store. You can download the directly on our site, too. Simply choose NIV, KJV, or ESV translation. Download 25 “Word-For-Word Bible Verse Search & Find” to help kids focus on every word of scripture in their activity sheets. 

Embark on a spiritual journey like no other with our printable Bible word search puzzles. Crafted with love and precision, our seek & find puzzles bring the scriptures to life, offering both enlightenment and entertainment in equal measure.

Seek and Find Bible Verse Activity Sheets:

Our collection features 25 meticulously designed scripture puzzles. From the poetic verses of Psalms to the enlightening teachings of the New Testament, each word search challenges you to find Bible verses word-for-word, immersing you deeply into the heart of the Word.

Bible Word Search for All Ages:

Whether you’re looking for Sunday school activities to engage young minds or faith-based games for a quiet evening at home, our puzzles cater to all. The Biblical word challenges are designed to be both captivating for kids and thought-provoking for adults.

Choose Your Scripture Translations:

Recognizing the richness of the Bible’s translations, our puzzles are available in NIV, ESV, and KJV. Choose your preferred version or explore all three to gain a broader understanding of the scriptures.

More Than Just Word Search Puzzles:

While the thrill of the search is undeniable, our Bible verse word search puzzles also serve as powerful Bible study tools. As you seek out verses, you’re also internalizing them, creating a lasting bond with the scriptures.

Free PDF Printable Download

No strings attached, no hidden costs. Our Bible word search is a free PDF download, ensuring everyone can access and enjoy it. Simply click, download, and dive into the world of Biblical seek & find.

Christian Activities: Beyond our word search, explore a plethora of Christian activities and resources on our platform. From Gospel puzzles, parables seek & find to children’s ministry resources, there’s something for everyone.

Join Us in Celebrating the Word: With our Bible verse word search puzzles, you’re not just playing a game; you’re celebrating the beauty and wisdom of the Bible. So, why wait? Dive in, discover, and let the scriptures guide your path.

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