NEW “What He Said: 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum (FREE Week One Lesson – You Are Blessed)

We’re thrilled about the launch of our latest curriculum series, “He Said What: 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum.” To celebrate, we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to take a sneak peek into the first lesson – “You Are Blessed” – absolutely free!

This innovative curriculum, designed especially for children aged 6-12, takes your kids on a meaningful journey through Jesus’ profound teachings in the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. As part of our mission to make Biblical truths accessible and engaging for our young ones, we’ve taken special care to ensure these lessons are easy to understand, practical, and fun!

Our inaugural lesson, “You Are Blessed,” serves as a wonderful introduction to the Beatitudes. It dives into the concept of what it truly means to be blessed, according to Jesus. This foundational teaching from Christ Himself helps children understand that being blessed is not about material things or comfort but about a deep relationship with God and a virtuous life.

We believe that previewing this lesson will provide you with a real taste of the enriching journey your children will embark upon over this six-week series. This curriculum is all about empowering our children with the greatest weapon against confusion: the teachings of Christ Himself!

To download the first lesson’s free PDF download, simply click the link above.

It’s our prayer that “He Said What: 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum” will be a tool through which your children can delve deeper into the life-changing teachings of Jesus. And this is just the beginning! The subsequent weeks will continue to unravel more of Christ’s teachings, covering a range of topics like being salt and light, loving our enemies, handling worry, the power of persistent prayer, and building lives on the rock-solid foundation of His truth.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the preview and cannot wait for you to experience the whole series with your children!

Stay blessed, and may this new curriculum nurture young hearts to grow in faith and wisdom!

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