Experience ‘Live the Light’: A Fresh 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum with a Free Sample Lesson

πŸŽ‰ Big news! Discover our new 4-week children’s ministry curriculum, “Live the Light” πŸ’‘. Perfect for Sunday School or Kids Church. Plus, we’re offering a FREE sample lesson! Illuminate young minds with God’s truth today! #LiveTheLight

We are overjoyed to introduce our latest curriculum for children’s ministry, “Live the Light.” This innovative 4-week series is crafted to guide children aged 6-12 years old on a spiritual journey, helping them grasp the concept of absolute truth amidst a world brimming with contrasting ideas.

The “Live the Light” curriculum employs the profound metaphor of God as light, leading young believers along the path of truth. Each lesson is rooted in key Bible passages that help children comprehend God’s unchanging truth and how it can steer their daily lives.

The memory verse for this series is John 8:12, which states, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.” This verse underscores the significance of following Jesus and walking in His light.

The curriculum is segmented into four weeks, each with a distinct focus:

  1. “God is Light” (1 John 1:5)
  2. “Jesus is Light” (John 8:12)
  3. “From Darkness to Light” (Acts 26:13-18)
  4. “Let Your Light Shine” (Matt. 5:14-16)

Each week, children will delve into different facets of the metaphor of light, from understanding God as light to recognizing their own roles as followers of Jesus.

The “Live the Light” curriculum is designed to address the confusion children often grapple with when trying to understand their faith in a world filled with conflicting philosophies. Children can better understand the concept of absolute truth and how it can guide their daily lives by focusing on the metaphor of God as light.

Now, here’s the exciting part! We’re offering a free sample lesson from the “Live the Light” curriculum. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the quality and depth of our curriculum firsthand. We believe that this free lesson will give you a clear idea of how this curriculum can benefit your children’s ministry.

The “Live the Light” curriculum is versatile and can be used in various settings, including children’s ministry, kids’ church, or Sunday School. It includes engaging activities, discussion questions, prayer, memory verse activities, printable word search worksheets, Bible story coloring pages, and craft activities.

We are confident that this curriculum will serve as a valuable tool for your children’s ministry, guiding young minds in discovering the absolute truth of God amidst the world’s mixed messages. So, why wait? Download your free sample lesson today and let’s illuminate young minds with the light of God’s truth!

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