God Made Everything: Preschool Bible Lesson

Teaching preschoolers about God’s existence and teachings can be a challenging task, but it’s essential for their spiritual growth. One of the most fundamental and exciting topics is the story of creation. In this lesson, we’ll explore the wonders of God’s handiwork and teach kids that God made everything.

Discovering God’s Handiwork

To start the lesson, we can sing songs and rhymes about God’s creation, such as "God Made the World" or "In the Beginning." We can then read the creation story from Genesis 1, simplifying the language and using visual aids to help the kids understand better. After the reading, we can ask questions to promote discussion and encourage them to share their thoughts and observations.

We can also take the children on a nature walk to show them the beauty and diversity of God’s creations. Along the way, we can ask them to identify different plants, animals, and natural elements and explain how God made everything. We can also collect natural materials like leaves, rocks, and flowers and later use them for art projects.

Exploring the Wonders of Creation

For the second part of the lesson, we can set up different activity stations that allow kids to explore and appreciate God’s creations. For example, we can have a sensory table filled with sand, shells, and water, where they can pretend to be at the beach and learn about marine life. We can also have a craft station where kids can create animal masks or make collages with natural materials.

We can also play games that teach them about different aspects of creation, like a matching game with pictures of animals and their habitats or a scavenger hunt for natural treasures. Another fun activity is to have the children create their own imaginary creatures and then explain how God’s creativity and imagination inspired them.

By teaching preschoolers about God’s creations, we’re not only helping them develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world, but we’re also laying the foundation for their faith. We want them to understand that everything they see around them is a gift from God, and that they have a responsibility to take care of it. By exploring the wonders of creation, we hope to inspire a lifelong love and appreciation for God’s handiwork.

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