Easter Sunday School Lesson and Activities for Kids

Teach kids the how Jesus rose from the dead with our free PDF Easter Sunday lessons and activities. More than ever, kids need to learn the Bible stories about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For this week’s Sunday School lesson, we’ve included everything you need to teach.

There are several options for your Easter Sunday School lesson, all ideas have complete teacher notes, Easter games, craft examples, object lessons, a preschool version, coloring page, discussion questions, and worksheets. Use it in your children’s ministry this Sunday, April 17, 2022 for Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday School Lessons about Jesus Resurrection

Download the following PDF activities to share the Easter Story in your children’s ministry, Sunday School class or Kids church this Easter Sunday.

NEW: The Son is Risen (21-page Lesson Plan)

More Kids Bible Studies on the Easter Story


Jesus “The Last Supper” Virtual Sunday School Lesson for Easter

Easter Coloring Pages: Print these activity sheets for your Easter Sunday School Lessons.

Use these printable coloring pages to share how Jesus died for our sins and God raised him back to life on Easter morning. A perfect activity for your Sunday School Lessons. Coloring pages include: the last supper, the empty tomb, Mary Magdalene, Happy Easter, and more. (Easter Bunny is not included since these are all religious coloring pages that focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.) Encourage conversation about Jesus as the kids color these worksheets.

Children’s Sermon He is Risen! Bible Object Lesson for Easter Sunday on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is (or should be) the pivotal holiday of the Christian faith. It celebrates the greatest event in history, Jesus is alive and now is a time of rejoicing! Aside from the fancy dresses, fun decorations, and baskets, though, what is it that we honor for Easter? Young children might not always have a solid understanding of the story behind God’s great plan for mankind. In this message, the story of Good Friday and Easter is told through a favorite seasonal treat, jelly beans. Use the colors of the candies to address various elements of the events that took place.

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Children’s Message “Jesus is Alive”

Teach kids the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and glory of the Gospel Story with this object lesson for kids ministry.

This Children’s Sermon will teach kids that Jesus is Alive. It’s based on the resurrection account referenced in the Bible passage of John 20:1-18. Use this lesson to teach the Story of Easter for children. The Bible object lesson teaches about that God raised JESUS from the dead, so we can put our hope in Him. Download the teachers notes, watch our Children’s Message example, and gather your supplies. Then you’re ready to share this message in your church next Sunday! Older kids will have a wonderful time acting out this Easter skit.

Easter Sunday School Craft Demonstration

Easter Sunday is here! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is real! After journeying through the season of Lent and the solemnity of Good Friday, Easter is a joyous celebration. There are many fun and festive possible activities to create in celebrating springtime or Easter. As with most things in life, the central element here should be the Gospel of Christ. These Sunday School crafts suggest creative ways to consider the joy and miracle of the Resurrection. A jelly bean mosaic provides a colorful way to contemplate Easter symbols. A “transforming” caterpillar and butterfly craft invite students to recall how Jesus died and came back to life. Happy crafting!

Craft one: “Jelly Bean Mosaic” Paper Plate Crafts

This is an easy Sunday School activity you can use with children of various ages. Preschool and elementary students will enjoy this tasty craft. Add it to your Easter Sunday School lessons or make it a featured even in your Easter Egg hunts.

You will need: Scissors, Construction paper (any color), Markers or decorating materials, Glue or tape, Stencils (optional), Paper Plates (optional), Jelly beans, Pipe cleaner or string (optional), paper bags.


  1. Select a paper, cardstock, or paper plate as a base.
  2. Use a stencil or free hand to draw an outline of desired image (cross, butterfly, heart, etc.). Color, if desired.
  3. Attach additional decorations and/or verses or captions.
  4. Spread glue on the shape, a section at a time. Attach jelly beans to the glue in varied colors. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Add a string or pipe cleaner if desired, to hang.

How to Make Resurrection Eggs – Easy Craft for Easter

Resurrection Eggs are a wonderful Easter Activity for families or Sunday School. Here is how you can make them at home. Download our directions below or get the printable Resurrection Easter egg cards from Bible Games Central to make a simple paper version of these easter crafts. All you need is plastic eggs and you can share the Gospel story with kids.

More Easter Activity Ideas for Kids to Celebrate Easter Sunday in your Children’s Ministry

  • Easter Sunday School Lessons – Ministry-To-Children has a comprehensive list of Easter Sunday School lessons that are 100% free and easy to PDF print.
  • Easter Lesson for Kids (Matthew 28:1-10)
  • Easter Sunday (Preschool Bible Lesson) – Toddlers age 2 to 4 and Preschool children age 4 to 6 years old need to celebrate the Easter season too. When teaching younger children, use these Easter Sunday School lessons to make sure little kids understand the Bible story.
  • No More Crying: Easter Bible Lesson – This powerful Sunday School lesson is based off an evangelical sermon. This Bible lesson for Easter is based on J.C. Ryle’s sermon for children called, No More Crying.  This sermon and other addresses to children can be found in the book, The Two Bears, (Grace and Truth Books, 2004).
  • Last Minute Ideas for Easter – If you’re running short on Easter ideas, you will find some inspiration for Sunday School here including Easter games, Easter skits, Gospel easter eggs, Bible verse trivia for memory verse games.
  • 10 Best Easter Crafts for Sunday School – Kids love hands-on crafts in Sunday School and children’s ministry. Use these Easter ideas and let kids create their own Easter Sunday memories.
  • “The Last Supper & Good Friday” Bible Study for Kids – These Bible lessons focus on how Christ died, was raised by the Holy Spirit, and God demonstrates his power at the empty tomb. Jesus told us that God loves us and is offering new life to anyone who will believe in Jesus. God created people for a relationship. God bless you.
  • Download Children’s Bulletin Worksheets for Easter (Free Offer) Get free coloring pages and memory verse worksheets for your Sunday School class. These are excellent Easter activities based on God’s Word.
  • Video Tour of the Holy Land for Kid – We love easter ideas that help kids remember God’s Word is about real places. From Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday, this tour of Holy Land will teach your Sunday School class that the Gospel story really happened.

We hope this page is a great Easter resource and shares some great ideas for your Sunday School lessons. Most of all we pray God bless your ministry and many children follow Jesus because of your ministry. Jesus conquered death and demonstrated his own love on the cross.

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