The Unexpected Ways of Jesus: A Children’s Sermon Lesson

Hello, children of God! Today, I am not just Miss Kristen, but Mrs. Kristen, here to help with all your medical needs and ailments. With my trusty first aid kit, I am ready to solve any physical issues you might have. But what if the solutions I offer are not what you expect?

The Unexpected Solutions

Imagine having a cut and instead of a Band-Aid, I offer you a nice sticker. Or for a bug bite, I suggest slathering on some peanut butter. A stomachache? Have some candy. A headache? A Band-Aid should do the trick. You’re probably thinking these are not the solutions you expected. And you’re right.

The Unexpected Answers to Prayers

Sometimes, we get unexpected answers to problems or questions that we might have. We might even get unexpected answers to prayers that we offer God. This happens to us all the time and it happened in the Bible too. Jesus often did things that did not meet up with what people would expect or anticipate.

Jesus: The Unexpected Healer

People might have thought Jesus was going to be a great and powerful ruler, but he came as a humble and suffering servant. They might have expected him to heal people with stitches or Band-Aids, but all it took was a word or a touch. Even when Jesus was criticized for his actions, like eating and hanging out with sinners, he had a purpose. He came to save the lost and to heal the hurting and the sick.

Miracles in Unexpected Ways

Jesus performed amazing miracles that didn’t always take place in the way people expected. A woman, sick for many years, was healed just by touching the edge of his robe. A little girl, who was already dead when Jesus arrived, was brought back to life when Jesus simply told her to wake up.

Trusting in Jesus’ Timing and Methods

Sometimes things don’t happen in the timing or the way that we would want or expect. And sometimes we don’t get the physical healing that we want at all. But we know that Jesus always takes care of what we really truly need. We need forgiveness, we need salvation from the sins that we all do, and that’s what Jesus really came for.

The Most Important Healing

Jesus heals our souls and saves us from the inside. Even though he often works in mysterious and unexpected ways, he’s always working, always healing, always providing us with just what we need when we need it. Jesus has given us the greatest thing that we could possibly want or need, regardless of whatever else we might think we want or need.


So, let’s give thanks to God for taking care of our needs, even when it’s not how we think it will be. A lot of life doesn’t happen the way that we would expect, but we have a savior who always knows what’s best. Remember, Jesus healed in unexpected ways then, he did unexpected things, and he still does. So, go forth, make some disciples, and have a wonderful week.

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