Veggietales St Patrick

Why VeggieTales’ ‘St. Patrick’ Video for Kids Is a Classic

When it comes to classic children’s videos, VeggieTales’ ‘St. Patrick’ ranks among the best. The beloved video has been entertaining children for over 20 years and is still as popular today as ever.

In the story, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber visit Ireland in search of St. Patrick himself. Along their journey, they get help from goofy Minnesota Cuke, his assistant Lindeman, and Irish barmaid Heather. Through song and adventure, Bob and Larry learn all about St. Patrick’s life and legend before finally meeting him face-to-face.

What makes this video a classic? One of its main attractions is that it combines fun with learning without sacrificing either one or the other – something kids appreciate! The dialogue is cleverly written with plenty of jokes to keep young viewers entertained while teaching them important lessons about courage, faithfulness, and service. It’s filled with memorable characters like Minnesota Cuke and his sidekick Lindeman who have become icons to many kids – grown up ones included!

The animation is colorful and vibrant – a far cry from your average flash cartoon – which helps keep this movie feeling fresh after all these years. And of course, no VeggieTales video would be complete without catchy songs like “Soldier’s Duty” or “Dance MacCarthur”.

It should come as no surprise that ‘St. Patrick’ continues to inspire kids around the world two decades after its release. This timeless video proves that sometimes you don’t need cutting edge special effects when you have a good storyteller at heart!

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