“We are the Body of Christ” Sunday School Lesson on the Church

The Church is the Body of Christ and each of us have a role in the ongoing work of Jesus. These Sunday School lessons will help kids learn this important truth. Use the links below to download the lesson resources directly. Each file includes a complete teaching plan, craft directions, and a bonus worksheet about the church.

Body of Christ Sunday School Lessons

Use this children’s sermon and object lesson to help kids understand how the church works together to serve the world in Jesus name. It’s based on Romans 12:1-8.

Children’s Sermon Lesson on 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Children need to understand the importance of their place in the body of Christ. It takes a group of individuals with unique talents and abilities to contribute God’s work in the church. This lesson uses a jigsaw puzzle to illustrate how all “pieces” (and people) are significant. Just as a puzzle needs all of the pieces to complete a picture, the body of Christ needs all members to carry out its purpose. Even kids can and should be part of ministry!

Crafts about Being the Body of Christ.

Use these craft activities in your Sunday School class or children’s ministry when teaching about the Church as the “Body of Christ.”

More Teaching Ideas on the Church as the Body of Christ

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