“Understanding the Ascension: A Kid-Friendly Guide”

The Ascension is a special event in the Christian faith that often confuses children. It’s a time when Jesus went up to heaven and left his disciples behind. But what does that mean exactly? Don’t worry, this kid-friendly guide will help explain all the details of the Ascension in a fun and easy-to-understand way!

Ascension: What Is It?

The Ascension is the day when Jesus went up to heaven in front of his disciples. It happened forty days after Easter, which is when Jesus came back to life. Basically, it’s like Jesus went on a big trip, but he promised to come back someday. This event is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Acts.

Sunday School Lesson: The Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:1-11 and Luke 24:44-53)

Why Did Jesus Ascend?

Jesus ascended to heaven because his work on earth was done. He had taught his disciples everything they needed to know and had died and come back to life to save them from their sins. Now he was going back to his father in heaven to prepare a place for all of his followers. It was a way to show his disciples that he was truly the Son of God and that he had power over life and death.

What Happened After Ascension?

After Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples were sad but also excited. They knew that Jesus had gone to prepare a place for them and that he would come back someday. They started preaching the good news of Jesus to others and many people became believers. This is how Christianity started and why there are so many Christians today.

How Can We Celebrate Ascension?

There are many ways to celebrate the Ascension. Some people go to church and sing special hymns or listen to a sermon about the event. Others might have a special family meal or do an activity to remember what Jesus did. One fun idea is to make a craft that shows Jesus going up to heaven on a cloud. It’s a great way to learn and remember the story of the Ascension.

The Ascension may seem like a confusing event, but it’s an important part of the Christian faith. By understanding what happened and why, we can better appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. So the next time you hear about the Ascension, remember that it’s like Jesus went on a big trip but he promised to come back someday!

The Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:1-11 & Luke 24:44-53) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

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