“The Ascension of Jesus: A Family Devotional Guide”

Let’s Celebrate: The Ascension of Jesus!

The Ascension of Jesus is a joyous occasion that marks His return to Heaven after His resurrection. It is a time for celebration and reflection on the miraculous events that took place during His time on Earth. While it may be a difficult concept for children to grasp, it is important to teach them about this significant event in the Christian faith. In this family devotional guide, we will explore the Ascension of Jesus and provide fun activities for kids to learn more about Him.

A Family Devotional Guide to the Ascension

The Ascension of Jesus is described in the New Testament as the moment when He was taken up into Heaven in the presence of His disciples. This event marks the end of His earthly ministry and the beginning of His reign over all things. To help your family understand the importance of this event, read Acts 1:9-11 together and discuss the significance of Jesus’ return to Heaven.

As a family, take some time to reflect on what the Ascension means to you personally. Ask each family member to share their thoughts and feelings about this event and how it impacts their faith. You may also want to listen to a sermon or devotional message about the Ascension to gain further insights.

Youth Group Lesson about Growing in Faith: Luke 24:44-53

Fun Activities for Kids: Learn About Jesus

To help children learn more about Jesus and the Ascension, try some of these fun activities:

  • Create a craft: Have kids create a paper plate with Jesus ascending into the clouds. They can color the background blue and add cotton balls to represent the clouds.
  • Watch a video: There are many videos available online that explain the Ascension in a way that is easy for kids to understand. Watch one together as a family and discuss what you learned.
  • Sing a song: Singing a song about Jesus and the Ascension is a great way to reinforce the concept. A popular song for this occasion is “Hallelujah, What a Savior!”

Join Us in Prayer and Reflection. Amen!

Let’s end our family devotional guide with a time of prayer and reflection. Take turns praying for each other and expressing gratitude for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Reflect on the hope we have in His return and His ultimate reign over all things. Let us celebrate the Ascension of Jesus and the incredible love He has for us.

In conclusion, the Ascension of Jesus is a momentous occasion that reminds us of His power and love. As a family, let’s take time to celebrate and reflect on this event and teach our children about its significance. Through fun activities and prayer, we can deepen our understanding of Jesus and His mission on Earth. Let’s continue to grow in our faith and trust in Him as we await His glorious return. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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