“The Ascension of Jesus: A Children’s Sermon”

The Ascension of Jesus: A Children’s Sermon===

The Ascension of Jesus is an important event in the Christian faith. It marks the end of Jesus’ physical presence on earth and the beginning of his spiritual presence in heaven. It is a bittersweet moment for his disciples as they say goodbye to their beloved teacher, but it also signifies the promise of the Holy Spirit. This article will explore the story of the Ascension and what it means for us today, especially for children.

Saying Goodbye to Jesus

Imagine saying goodbye to someone you love very much, knowing that you may never see them again. This was how Jesus’ disciples felt when he told them that he was leaving. They had spent three years with him, learning from him and witnessing his miracles. But Jesus reminded them that he would always be with them in spirit. He promised to send the Holy Spirit to be with them and guide them in their lives.

Jesus Goes Up to Heaven

On the day of the Ascension, Jesus led his disciples to the Mount of Olives. There, he blessed them and was lifted up into the sky until he disappeared from their sight. The disciples were amazed and stood there watching until two angels appeared and told them that Jesus would come back in the same way he left. This was a miraculous moment that showed the power of God and confirmed Jesus’ divinity.

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

After Jesus’ Ascension, his disciples went back to Jerusalem and waited for the promised Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended upon them like tongues of fire, filling them with courage and wisdom. They were able to speak in different languages and share the good news of Jesus with people from all over the world. The Holy Spirit empowered them to continue Jesus’ work on earth and to spread his love and teachings.

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What Does the Ascension Mean?

The Ascension of Jesus is a reminder that he is always with us, even though we cannot see him. It shows us that he is more than just a physical body, but a spiritual presence that transcends time and space. The promise of the Holy Spirit is a gift that we can receive today, guiding us in our lives and helping us to be more like Jesus. The Ascension also reminds us that we have a mission to continue Jesus’ work on earth, spreading his message of love and hope to all people.

Keeping the Faith Alive===

Teaching children about the Ascension of Jesus is a wonderful way to help them understand the importance of faith and the power of God’s love. It is a story that inspires us to keep the faith alive and to share it with others. As we say goodbye to Jesus in his physical form, we welcome him into our hearts and minds, knowing that he is always with us. May the promise of the Holy Spirit guide us in our lives and help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, spreading love and hope wherever we go.

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