Sunday School Games

Try these Sunday School Games. They will add some fun to your Bible studies and help kids get active while learning God’s Word.

  • Bible Trivia Questions (and answers)
    Download our Bible Trivia Questions in PDF format. Use this Bible Trivia for a quiz in your Sunday School. Test your knowledge with these Bible trivia questions and answers. Thanks to Ministry-To-Children for creating this list of PDF Bible Quiz questions. Bible Trivia Questions – Examples True these Bible Quiz questions. Then download the file … Read more

More Bible Games

101 Sunday School Games for Kids – Add some fun — try these Sunday School games in you class this weekend. We’ve put together 101 Bible games for kids ideas that are easy to plan and will give children a positive experience while learning God’s Word. Use the links below to download in printable PDF format.

  • Youth, adults, and kids will love these video format Bible quiz questions & answers. It’s in a game show format and all you need to do is play the video. It’s perfect for any small group gathering, Sunday School, or children’s […]
  • Games build relationships in Sunday School “Simply put, children learn from the people they love. And love is the result of getting to know one another—it’s the result of relationship. Before our kids come to know Jesus, they just might need […]
  • This “Big Gulp of Jonah” was written by Bible Games Central – be sure to check out their website for more fun idea for teaching the Bible through fun activities. In this cup-and-ball game, players try to get Jonah into the […]
  • This Easter Game idea was shared by Bible Games Central. Use it to add a fun element to your kids teaching plan as we approach Easter Sunday. Use the discussion points below to make it a full lesson for children’s church […]
  • This shepherd’s voice game idea was shared by Bible Games Central. Use it to add a fun element to Sunday School lessons about Jesus being our Good Shepherd. Use the the Bible references below and it could be a standalone lesson […]
  • This animal matching game was shared by Bible Games Central. We hope it’s useful, especially in your preschool ministry. It’s an easy teaching activity for Noah’s Ark or the Creation Story. Please jump to their website to find similar ideas. Preparation […]
  • I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to hop up on my soap box for a few minutes. Let’s talk about Bibles and technology. Don’t get me wrong, I’m currently sitting here with my iPhone (with the Bible app open) […]
  • Have extra time in summer camp that you need to fill? This exciting activity is great for small groups of kids. When the kids finish this project, they will also have a fun game to play. Kids come up with a […]
  • Having children practice their Bible verse can become boring and mundane, but it doesn’t have to be! Simply write the Bible verse that they are working with onto separate pieces of paper with one word or phrase on each page. Don’t […]

Bible Games for Kids

try these active learning Bible Games for Sunday School
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