Back to School with a Fresh Perspective: NEW “Everyday Heroes” Sunday School Curriculum on the Value of Work

As families around the country gear up for the back-to-school season, we’re excited to launch our brand-new children’s ministry curriculum, “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce“. This curriculum is not just timely for the Labor Day celebration; it’s an important tool for shaping our children’s perspectives on work and service, all from a biblical standpoint.

In the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy for children to overlook the heroes around them. We’re not talking about the superheroes they see in movies or comic books. Instead, we’re focusing on real-life heroes—the police officers, healthcare workers, teachers, grocery workers, social workers, and so many others who dedicate their lives to serving their communities.

Our 5-week series is designed to help children aged 6-12 explore these professions and understand that work, when done with the intention to glorify God and serve others, is a divine calling. This curriculum couldn’t be more perfect for the back-to-school season, allowing children to explore potential future vocations and see how they might serve God and their communities in their careers.

Best of all, we’re making the first lesson of this series available for FREE as a downloadable sample. Titled “Guardians of Peace: Police Officers and God’s Justice”, this lesson helps children understand the role of police officers in maintaining safety and order, reflecting God’s love for righteousness. You can download this sample lesson [here – include link] and get a taste of what the full curriculum offers.

So, as we approach Labor Day and the beginning of a new school year, let’s give our children a fresh perspective on the everyday heroes in their community. Let’s teach them the value of work, the importance of every profession, and how they can glorify God through their future vocations.

Get ready for an exciting new journey as we honor God’s workforce in our Sunday school lessons. Remember, our everyday heroes are all around us, and they deserve to be recognized and appreciated by the next generation.

Purchase “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce” today and let’s explore together how each one of us can serve as God’s workforce in our unique ways. Happy back to school, everyone!

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