Summertime Lessons and Activities for Children’s Ministry

The Summer months present some challenge for kids church and Sunday School teachers. That’s why we recommend tailoring your children’s ministry lessons for this time of year. Here are our top picks to help you get started, don’t miss all the Summer Sunday School curriculum ideas from

As the summer break from school looms, parents across the country are scrambling to find ways to keep their kids entertained. However, summertime doesn’t have to be all about play and no work. There are plenty of opportunities for children to learn and grow, even during the lazy days of summer. For instance, many churches offer Vacation Bible School programs or other faith-based activities. These can be great ways for kids to stay connected with their church community and learn more about God’s love. Other educational activities might include visits to historical sites or museums, or even taking a trip to the local library. And don’t forget about the importance of practicing good nutrition and staying active! arts and crafts, or playing sports. By incorporating some structure into their summer days, parents can help their kids make the most of their time off from school.

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Vacation Bible School

Ministry-To-Children has 7 different free Vacation Bible School curriculum choices to download. This material is all free download and includes lessons, activities, directors manual, craft ideas, and more.

Father’s Day Sunday School Lessons and Children’s Ministry Activities

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Fourth of July Sunday School Lessons and Kids Church Activities

You can teach these 4th of July Sunday School lessons

July is a perfect time to teach about freedom in Christ.

Back to School Sunday School Lessons and Activities for Kids Church

Family Ministry Resources for Summertime

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