Jesus Prays for Us (John 17) Sunday School Lesson and Activities

In John 17, we read the prayers that Jesus offered for his disciples and for all people who would believe in him. That means that Jesus prayed for us! Teach this powerful truth to children using the following Sunday School lessons, Bible crafts, and teaching activities.

Jesus has given us all that we need, including a method through which we can communicate with Him! He gives us demonstrated examples of how to pray, and He has prayed for us as well. Sometimes we don’t know how to come up with the right words to pray, but we know He helps us with that, too. We can rest assured that He cares for us and is with us in all things.

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Teaching Demonstration

Children need to understand the power and importance of prayer, but it can be a challenging topic to teach. This message describes the way that Jesus has prayed for us and encourages children to recognize that God helps us pray. The illustration involved uses an object that requires tools and assistance to fix, in order to share with kids how God gives us tools and assistance to communicate with Him.

Bible Craft Demonstration

Prayer is a powerful and important thing to teach to young children, but can be a little tricky to impart or explain. These crafts are meant to provide children with simple but fun visual reminders of why and how we pray. A prayer chain allows kids to consider things to pray for. The “prayer telephone” is a creative craft that reminds students we talk to God and listen for His voice, too. Jesus prays for us and helps us to pray!

Sunday School Coloring Pages on Prayer

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