Following Jesus Coloring Pages

This 6-page mini coloring book is all about following Jesus as King! It was created by Mandy Groce from Ministry-To-Children and is shared here with permission. Download the entire booklet below in one printable PDF or scroll down to browse each single coloring sheet.

“I will follow Jesus as my King” Coloring Pages

Gospel Coloring Book for Children

Each page of this line-art illustrated art project is a teaching moment. It’s perfect for a Sunday School art project or for families to do together. Here is some background on each picture.

The cover sheet introduces this series and explains what was the idea behind it. Use this page first if you are going to teach through the entire series of illustrations about King Jesus.

Coloring Page: How do I follow Jesus as my King?

This final illustration helps children to respond to this truth about King Jesus. They will learn to respond by loving Jesus and obeying his commands. Like all our pages this one is free to use in your church, home, or school. This sheet pictures both boys and girls.

Coloring Page: What makes Jesus the best King?

This one highlights the power of Jesus to overcome sin, his wisdom to guide us, and his victory over Satan. Each of those themes are God’s provisions for our need after the Fall. The crown represent Christ and the thorns remind us of his suffering on the cross.

Coloring Page: Why do I need a King?

Sometimes we don’t do a good job teaching children why we need Jesus. This coloring sheet highlights our need for someone to give us protection and direction in life. This is important because only King Jesus can solve the problems raised in this illustration.

Coloring Page: Who is my King? (boy and girl version)

The series concludes by asking the children to look into their own hearts & minds. Where do they get their values? Who are they serving and trying to please with their lives? This coloring pages shows some different β€˜kings’ that people often follow besides Jesus. There are two versions, one featuring a girl and the other featuring a boy.

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