John 20:19-31 Children’s Sermon Lesson: Jesus Appears to Doubting Thomas

doubting thomas children's sermon john 20:19-31

Trade Fear for God’s Peace: Children’s Sermon Lesson on Jesus Appearance to His Disciples and Doubting Thomas in John 20:19-31. Lesson Objective: This message illustrates for children the comforting hope that Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit and promises to stay with us always. He wants to take away our worries and fears and replace them with His peace. … (Read more)

How To Act In Church Sunday School Lesson?

Church Sunday school is a great opportunity to learn about God and His teachings. Here are some tips for acting in church Sunday school: 1. Be respectful of the teacher and other students. 2. Pay attention to the lesson. 3. Ask questions when you don’t understand something. 4. Be a good role model for other students. Definition of Sunday school … (Read more)

How To Teach Vacation Bible School?

Vacation Bible School is a great way to teach children about the Bible. It is a fun and interactive way to learn about God’s Word. There are many different ways to teach VBS, and the best way for your family is what works best for you. Definition of Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a great way to … (Read more)

How Do You Do Sunday School?

Sunday school is a great way to get to know God better. It is a time to learn about His teachings and how to live our lives according to them. We meet every week to learn about a new topic and have fun while doing it. Definition of Sunday school Sunday school is a time for children to learn about … (Read more)

How Do I Start A Sunday School Class For Kids?

If you’re interested in starting a Sunday school class for kids, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. First, you’ll need to find a space in which to hold your class. You can either hold your class in a church or synagogue, or you can create your own space. Next, you’ll need to find a teacher to … (Read more)